coming soon: 2022, Documentary Format
Color, HD, 94,51min

Jos Diegel

Lisa Schröter, Jos Diegel & Jean Luc Nancy

Directed by
Jos Diegel

Original Music Score
Scott Mckenzie
Arrangements, Programming, Sound mixing
Thore Benz & Pramila Chenchanna

the documentary is based on a performance
during monochrom´s arse elektronika
in October 2013 in San Francisco

inspired by the text
L' „il y a“ du rapport sexuel
by Jean Luc Nancy

JOS2022 Production

Do you want to fly with me to San Francisco and find out, if there is sexual intercourse? The trivial, blunt question marks the start of an unusual, paradoxical relationship experiment. From the 1st to the 6th October 2013, the two unknown Lisa and Jos went to San Francisco for an intimate scenario. Equipped with two cameras, they documented the physical and linguistic relationship to each other directly and continuously over a period of six days in a Huis Clos, that was as constructed as it was real.

Starting point is the text by French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy entitled "L 'il ya' du rapport sexuel". It refers to "Il n´y a pas du rapport sexuel", said by psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan, so there is always and everywhere sex, but no really sex-related relationship.

But Nancy emphasizes, that "There is", the given in the relationship, the entity. He thinks there is something. Five years later, Jean-Luc Nancy discusses the protagonists' immediate experiences and reflections in relation to his text. The film is a rapport, i.e. negotiation and reporting at the same time, of a gender relationship as an independent being that, emerges in the context of the performance of a relationship.